Six Sigma Certification

How Do I Get Six Sigma Certified?

Six Sigma certification is highly sought after in new hires within virtually any company or organization. Obtaining your certification can make you a much more appealing job candidate, help you move up within your current company, and also help ensure that you have the training and skills necessary to be a valued, key employee. Of course, before you can enjoy those benefits, you need to get your certification. How exactly do you become Six Sigma certified?

In-House Training

One option for those looking to move up within the company they currently work for is to consider getting basic Six Sigma training from a master black belt or champion in the company. However, this will only result in “white belt” status – not really an ideal solution for those hoping to make a career-altering move. In addition, not every company has master black belts or champions capable of providing such training. That means you need to consider other options for becoming Six Sigma certified.

Training Schools

After Motorola and GE rolled out their Six Sigma training programs, the concept was embraced across the nation, and eventually around the world. Today, you’ll find a whole host of different schools offering Six Sigma training and certification programs. However, they’re far from being all the same. Your choice here makes a considerable difference in several aspects of your career, particularly if you become Six Sigma certified from a school whose name carries a lot of weight.

That begs the question, how do you choose a good school? There are quite a few factors that go into finding a palatable education provider.

First, look for a training provider that has direct ties to some of today’s most profitable businesses. This is a sign that their graduates are recognized for having the education and knowledge necessary to apply Six Sigma principles in a wide range of business environments. It also shows that the organization is well-known and respected in the global business world.

Second, make sure that you get Six Sigma certified by a school that offers flexible education programs. The right provider understands that not only is in-person education not necessary in all cases but that it can also actually be detrimental. Find a program that offers online Six Sigma training and certification for the ultimate flexibility. However, that same provider should still be recognized for the quality of their training program – don’t go with a no-name provider simply because they promise flexible distance learning courses. Reputation should always come first.

Finally, make sure that you get Six Sigma certified by an organization that offers all of the belt levels. You might personally benefit from enrolling in a yellow belt course or perhaps you’re more interested in moving up to a green or black belt. A quality training program will give you the ability to take all the necessary courses to make yourself an appealing job candidate.

If you follow these simple steps, you can get Six Sigma certified by a reputable training provider while boosting your career prospects substantially.