Why Six Sigma.us?

Why SixSigma.us?

Six Sigma has become the de facto option for process improvement around the world. However, a quick look at the industry will show you something important – not all Six Sigma providers are the same, and some must be avoided entirely. SixSigma.us leads the industry in both training and in providing process improvement solutions for clients. Why work with SixSigma.us? Below, you’ll find some of the most compelling reasons to choose this provider.

Instructor and Consultant Quality

Whether you’re a student seeking Six Sigma certification or a business owner or organization head looking for the means to improve your processes, you’ll find that SixSigma.us can help. This is because every instructor and every consultant on staff is a certified master black belt holder. Why does that matter? Let’s take a quick look at what master black belt certification means:

Master Black Belt Certification – This is the highest Six Sigma certification and is only available to those who have already completed their black belt course. Master black belt holders are intimately familiar with all Six Sigma tools, strategies and techniques, and have the credentials necessary to provide training to white, yellow, green and black belt holders. Additionally, these individuals can provide significant advantages to businesses by determining where Six Sigma projects need to be undertaken and then supporting and managing those initiatives.

Training Options

Unlike many other Six Sigma training providers, SixSigma.us understands that different students have different needs. To that end, the company has introduced multiple course delivery options. Students can certainly make use of classroom-based training, or the company can send master black belt instructors to a client’s location to provide staff training. However, aspiring Six Sigma professionals will also find that the course delivery options here include completely virtual classes, as well as blended training options. Virtual courses offer the ultimate in convenience and the ability to study at your own pace, and blended training combines both virtual classes and traditional classroom learning for a unique result.

Internationally Recognized for Excellence

Yet another reason to choose SixSigma.us is the fact that this company is recognized around the world for their excellence and quality. The company works within 25 different countries. For students, their credentials are accepted and recognized worldwide. For clients, the fact that SixSigma.us can provide training and process improvement anywhere on the planet offers significant peace of mind. For clients looking to train their staff, the company is also happy to provide onsite training for teams as small as just four people.

Recognizable Clients

When choosing a Six Sigma provider, it’s essential to ensure that the company has served a number of recognizable businesses and organizations. You’ll find that’s definitely the case with SixSigma.us. The company’s past clients include more than 1,000 organizations, many of which are known internationally, including Pepsi, AOL, and the US Army.

SixSigma.us offers the highest quality instructors and consultants, an innovative approach to education, and the reputation you need for peace of mind, whether you represent a business in need or are an aspiring professional seeking training.